Michael Chopra and Heather Swan Rumours Split?

So, this is weird. It looks like Michael Chopra and his wife Heather have broken up.

The couple only got married last month (on Friday the 13th, mind you), and reports started surfacing earlier this week that Michael (who plays for Sunderland) had moved out of the family home and was living in rented accommodation down the road.

Things started going pear-shaped at the breakfast reception the morning after the wedding, when Michael and Heather had a blow out fight in front of a group of guests. Michael flew back early from their honeymoon and left Heather’s ‘just married’ arse out in the Caribbean to drink pina colada’s on solo.

FYI, Heather was one of the WAGs featured in the WAGs Boutique program, which has left many a relationship decimated in its wake.

Here’s the thing: surely, if you’ve been dating for the amount of time this pair has, you would know each other well enough to decide whether marriage was the direction you want to take, yes? How can a relationship disintegrate so quickly?

Perhaps the wedding cake was made of marzipan. If anything can devastate a marriage, it’s having your other half feed you a 40-year-old fruit cake infused with toxic levels of sherry. That’s got bad news written all over it.
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