Melanie ‘Kilamajaro’ Slade

Melanie Slade, girlfriend to Arsenal’s Theo Walcott, is climbing Mount Kilamanjaro. The one in Africa. You know, the 19,000 ft high hill..

So, we’re conflicted.

On one hand, we want our WAGs to break from the chains of their stereotypical personas and run free through the streets demanding natural nails, flat shoes and a subscription to the Economist.

But if we’re honest, like most things in life that are pure and perfect in their ultimate creation (fluffy bunnies, large pink diamonds, etc), we don’t want to change the non-job having, salary-rinsing, shopping and tanning machine that is the modern WAG life. Because, well, it’s fabulous.

The plan is to climb Kilamanjaro for the charities she supports, including Global Angel and Sail 4 Cancer. Melanie says her man is supportive, though he initially thought she was crazy/laughed at her in the presence of his mates.
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